The Hon. Don Harwin MP,
Minister for the Arts


Sydney is at an extraordinary moment of transformation and growth. And culture must play its fundamental role in this change. Without culture, global cities are neither liveable nor sustainable.

The Sydney Culture Essays take up this challenge with an inspired spectrum of perspectives from practitioners and policy makers in our creative community.

These essays offer a body of collective knowledge which can help us respond to the pace, scale and character of the development in our city.

We all know the benefits of arts and culture to our communities and to the individuals living within them. That’s why the NSW Government has developed Create in NSW, its arts and cultural policy framework. Through Create in NSW, we are committed to promoting the value of the arts and expanding our awareness of our state’s arts, screen and cultural offerings.

We are committed to reflecting our strong Aboriginal cultural sector and the rich diversity of our communities in the arts that we support, whether in galleries, theatres, awards or on screens. This diversity is an asset, making our state and city an exciting and desirable place to live.

Sydneysiders, I think, desire a more open and connected city, one where people and ideas move more freely and are more easily shared and combined for common cause.

Building the cultural future that this global city deserves requires innovative collaborations and new thinking. The NSW Government will be a willing partner.

The timely conversations which underpin these diverse essays will influence the shape of Sydney’s cultural landscape and identity, and ideas they share will inspire further collaboration and communicate its potential. Congratulations to The Committee for Sydney for this fantastic initiative.